My Journey

As a teen, I became aware of a feeling inside of me that things just weren't right with life.  It felt like the wool was being pulled over my eyes, like I was being lied to.  Our society has been trained to work for most of their lives, go to church on Sundays, pay their taxes and don't ask too many questions. Well...I WANTED to ask questions.  I WANTED to know why I was feeling as though I was in some kind of game or on some kind of stage. I WANTED to understand my life on what we call planet earth.

I believe that every soul decides, before incarnation, on specific catalytic events that will happen at certain times in your life.  If you really pay attention, you can pin point these events. For me, there have been five.

The first was in 1987 when I was in high school.  I was attending a Christian speaking event with my family and was suddenly compelled by this intense energy to leap over the railing, walk down out of the bleachers where my family and I were sitting, and stand in front of the stage with a group of other people as the Minister was speaking. This was in front of thousands of people and something I normally would never do. The actual activity wasn't what was important. The result, however, got me asking questions in my mind.  Questions that started a life long search into why I was feeling the way that I was about our world.

The second was in 1998 when I was playing the role of Jack McPhee on Dawson's Creek.  It was an event that literally catapulted me into a life that was now very much different than before. There was now a part of me that was known to the rest of the world and along with that comes an influential responsibility.

The third was in 2013 when I met my beautiful wife. The circumstances that came together for us were incredible in developing our relationship with one another and ultimately realizing that we were soulmates.  This was the beginning of a journey together that we were very much taking on our own before we had met.

The fourth was 2014 when I was introduced to The Law of One, which opened my eyes to the bigger picture here on Earth.

And most recently in early 2018, a series of events happened within a matter of weeks to throw me into the UFO community so fast that my head is still spinning as I write this.

The point is, I want to share what I've learned throughout my life.  I want to be of service to others so that we can all take this journey together.  No matter what negative energies are happening within our society, we can overcome them as a species and reclaim the knowledge that has been taken from us for so many thousands of years.  A knowledge of who we really are and why we are here.

In Gratitude,

Kerr Smith

The Truth

Consciousness & Awakening

There is a new energy that is bathing our planet.  Our solar system has entered a part of the Milky Way that consists of a higher vibratory rate.  This new energy will affect every atom in your body.  Literally changing your DNA and bringing the human race into a new density.

The Law of One

The Law of One (Ra Material) is a collection of five books that were channeled by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins and Jim McCarty (L/L Research) starting back in 1981.  The books consist of a soul group or social memory complex called Ra that lays out who we are as a species and what our path might be.  The material is by far some of the most intriguing information available today. 


Non-terrestrial beings are a large part of not only the energy changes here on Earth, but of who we are as a species.  It's time that the world wakes up to the fact that ETs are not only all around us, they were here long before us.  Disclosure MUST first take place in order for us to rediscover the truths about not only our own history, but what we are as a species. 

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